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URL KERVIN's YouTube Channel Playlist for APCSP
RESOURCES URL Collegeboard - AP Computer Science Principles
Student resource page.
File Student User Guide - AP Digital Portfolio
URL easy bib website for creating your citations
URL AP Digital Portfolio site
URL website
Mrs. Orth : course code: XDPJQH
URL Privacy policy
File Code.orgCSPrinciples16-17revisions2-pager
URL Blown to Bits book
URL Moovly
URL Check the owner of a website
URL History of a web page
URL National Science Foundation
URL Computer Science 4 HS
URL Abstraction in Programming (Software Engineering)
URL Thing I Verse - Files for 3D printing
URL Precision Exams PreTest


URL Global Impact News
Unit 1 - Internet File Vocabulary APCSP Stage 1-5
File Orth - Assignment for Wednesday, Sept 14
File U1L08ActivityGuide-PrimarySourceTheInternetisforEveryone
File U1L08-TheInternetisforEveryone-AbbreviatedVersion
File U1L10ActivityGuide-RoutersandRedundancy
File U1L13Resource-HTTPandAbstractionontheInternet
File U1L14PracticePT-TheInternetandSociety
File Number Systems 3
File Number Systems 1
File Number Systems 2
File Number Systems 4
File Number Conversions 1
File Number Conversions 2
File Number Conversions 3
File Number Conversions 5
File Number Conversions 6
File Number Conversions 4
File Blown to Bits Study questions - for each chapter

Your group needs to cover the chapter and present it to the rest of the class.  

The questions are guidance for the material that needs to be covered, but are not exhautive.  

File Blown To Bits Presentation Rubric
Folder Presentations for notes
File Internet concepts review
Unit 2 - Digital Information URL CISCO BINARY GAME
URL Game: Guess the color!
URL Orth - Class Data Tracker LINK
File U2L12ActivityGuide-DiscoveraDataStory
File U2L12Rubric-PresentYourDataStory
File U2L15PracticePTOverviewandRubric-TellaDataStory
URL ERVIN - Class Data Tracker Link
URL Ervin - Data to View
File ERVIN - Unit 2 Ch 1 Review Data
File ERVIN - Unit 2 Ch 2 Review Data
Unit 3 - Algorithms and Programming URL Travel algorithm
File ERVIN - Algorithms video questions part 1
File ERVIN - Algorithms video questions part 2
File Minimum Card Algorithm DOC
Unit 4 - Big Data & Privacy File U4L02Template-DataInnovationOne-PagerTemplate
File U4L02ActivityGuide-RapidResearch-DataInnovations
File U4L03ActivityGuide-ResearchYourself
File ArticleItsModernTradeWebUsersGetasMuchasTheyGive
URL How not to get Hacked
URL Crypto Corner
URL PBS cryptography
Unit 5 - Building Apps File First App - Activity Guide
Unit 6 - Create and Explore PT File Create PT — Written Response Submission Template
File CreatePT-GuidelinesforCompletingtheThrough-CourseAssessment
File Create PT - Scoring Guidelines (2016)
File CreatePT-StudentGuidelinesBeforeStarting
File CreatePT-Checklist
File create-sample-tasks-sg
File CreatePT-SampleTimeline
File Create PT - STUDENT HANDOUT - Task Description
File Explore PT— Written Response Submission Template
File explore-sample-tasks-sg
File ExplorePT-Checklist
File ExplorePT-GuidelinesBeforeStarting
File Explore PT - Scoring Guidelines
File Explore PT - STUDENT HANDOUT - Task Description
File ExplorePT-SampleTimeline
URL Link to sample PTs on College Board
URL Digital Portfolio
Innovation URL FarmBot
URL Malware-detecting Phone Case
URL Intel Battles for the loT
URL Wi-Fi-Connected LED Bulb
Semester 1 Review and Exam URL ORTH - Quizlet Unit 1 and 2 vocab review
URL Mrs. Ervin's link to join her APCSP Quizlet
File Semester Exam Review
LYNDA VIDEOS & WORKSHEETS URL Lynda Video Computer Science Principles: The Internet
File Lynda Computer Science Principles: The Internet Questions
Exam Practice Questions File Internet Bonus
File Mrs. Ervin's research guidelines
File ERVIN - vocab to know for Final
File Ervin - Written Questions Review