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    • NISD Capstone Resources

      NISD Capstone Resources

    • How to Setup Your ePortfolio

      These videos are available to offer support for students and teachers who are trying to set up their ePortfolios. As additional videos become available they will be added to this topic.

      Video Tutorials:

      This short video walks students through the process of logging in to their Google account. The log in information will be repeated quickly in the next video, but it is recommended that you begin with this one as it is easy to repeat while students are logging in.

      This is a longer video featuring Steele H.S. student, Grant Gwin. Grant walks students through the basics of setting up their ePortfolio and includes specific instructions to pause the video so students can work. 

      • ePortfolio Goal Setting

        ePortfolio: Profile of an NISD Graduate & Goal Setting

        I. Create a page in your ePortfolio called “Profile of an NISD Graduate.”

                       How to create a page in your ePortfolio:

        1. Log in and open Google Sites

        2. Find and click on the icon that looks like a page with a plus symbol in it on the upper right side of the screen.

        3. Name your page (suggestion: “Profile of a Graduate” or “General Information” etc.)

        4. Select where you want your page to appear.  Either option is fine as you will be able to change it later. If you already have a tab that is specifically for school, such as a tab called Capstone, you might want to add it to that tab.

        5. Click on save to finalize the creation of your new page.

        II.  Once you have created your page it will open ready to edit. You can modify the layout of the page to meet your needs and fit your style by simply selecting a new layout under “layout” at the top. Like everything else, this can be changed later if you decide the needs of the page have changed.

        III.   Add the NISD Profile of a Graduate to your page. You have several options here as well.

        1. Click on the “add files” icon at the bottom of the page and upload the Profile of a Graduate as a file. This will make it a document that viewers of your ePortfolio can open if/when they want to see how the NISD community has identified what it means to be a graduate.

        2. You can also take a screen shot of the document and add it as an image to your screen. The benefit of this is that viewers don’t have to click to open it. As soon as they access the page it will be there.   

        3. Log in to Google through your NISD account and access the document here: https://drive.google.com/a/nisdtx.org/file/d/0BztAHt8rYTK7eHdKMlFYY18yb0k/view?usp=sharing

        IV. Research tells us that people who write down their goals are more likely to accomplish them than those who simply make them up and keep them in mind. In your ePortfolio and add three goals for their future.  You can choose to add three goals for each category, three goals for one category, or one goal for each. You might want to build upon their goals by identifying the steps they plan to take to accomplish those goals.


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