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    Chrome OS

    Purpose of the Course: This course is intended to help you become familiar with the Chromebook, Chrome Operating System, Chrome browser and Google Apps for Education. After completing this course, you should have an understanding of the Chromebook and how to utilize it as a learning tool.

    Audience: The intended audience for this course is the NISD community of students, parents and educators.

    Enrollment: NISD staff and students have the ability to self-enroll in the course to take the quizzes and earn a Chromebook Academy Badge upon successful completion of the course. Staff enroll with chromebookstaff and students enroll with chromebookstudent.


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    • Why Chromebook for Northwest ISD?

      Northwest ISD understands the value of technology in the classroom as a means to elevate teaching and learning. Today’s global workplace utilizes technology as a tool and an asset to propel business and professional learning. Access to a world of information, resources, and creative potential ensures our students are future ready.  As a district, technology and curriculum both strive to create learning experiences that prioritize the value of these devices as a tool that aids in learning and promotes creation of ideas and products.

      Students in grades 3rd - 12th have the opportunity to receive a Dell Chromebook as a district issued device.  In elementary, the devices remain at school and are stored in the student’s classroom for safe keeping. Secondary students are allowed to take the devices to and from school during their enrollment at Northwest ISD.

      Student safety is a priority in Northwest ISD.  At the beginning of each school year, students participate in digital citizenship courses aimed at equipping students with the skills necessary to make wise choices in online environments.  Students are also protected by the extensive filtering system installed on every device within the district.  The filtering system in place exceeds the requirements of the Children's Internet Protection Act.  The district filter stays active regardless of the location of the device. For example, when a student is connected to their home wireless network and working online, the district issued device is still subject to the district's filtering policies.   

      The Chromebook meets or exceeds the following criteria:


      • Lesson 1: What is a Chromebook?

      • Lesson 2: Navigating your Chromebook

      • Lesson 3: Customizing your Chromebook

      • Lesson 4: Google Apps for Education

      • Lesson 5: Accessing a VDI (Virtual Desktop)

      • Lesson 6: Navigating the Chrome Browser


      • Lesson 7: Google Chrome Apps and Extensions

      • Lesson 8: Accessing Microsoft Office via Office 365

      • Lesson 9: Troubleshooting your Chromebook & Offline Use

      • Lesson 10: Chromebook Security

      • Earn Your Chromebook Academy Badge

        Demonstrate your Chromebook knowledge by earning the Chromebook Academy Badge!

        Earn this badge by earning a minimum score of 80% on the review assessment below. (Just like the Test Your Knowledge self-assessments in the lessons above, you can attempt this assessment as many times as needed to reach the desired score.)

        How do you know you've earned the badge?

        You can access all Moodle badges you've earned by hovering over your name in the top right of the Moodle screen and scrolling down to Badges.