• CTMS 7th & 8th grade 

    Cheerleading Try-Outs

    Friday March 8th, 2019

     Coach Rachel Small (


    Parent informational meeting: February 27th 6pm in CTMS cafeteria

    Try out clinic- March 5th-7th 4:20-5:30 in CTMS small gym

    Try outs- March 8th @ AMS GYM 6pm 

    Results posted- By 10pm on March 8th

    Uniform fitting- April 1st @4:30pm in A115

    Camp Final Payment Due- May 14th--See Mrs. Small for questions

    Summer Camp- July 10th-12th @ Byron Nelson HS

    Check out our calendar here: 



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    • Please welcome your 2019-2020 Bulldog Cheerleaders!

      Jamie Mckenna
      Emily Hensley
      Ava Almanza
      Natalie Green
      Ashlyn Teller
      Alyvia Teller
      Emerson Hays
      Lacey Hancock
      Natalee Cramer
      Alexa Graves
      Emma Johnson
      Elena Rowe
      Samantha Rutherford

      Danielle Sampson

      Destiny Skaggs

      Hope Longoria

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      • If you are interested in being the mascot for CTMS next school year, please click here.


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        • Try Out Clinic- March 5th-7th

          Students will learn a dance and a cheer that they will perform at the try out. Video of the dance and cheer are posted here so they may practice ahead of time. They will also learn jump technique and show any tumbling they wish to do in their try out. On Wednesday, they will draw numbers for the try-out and do a "run through" so they understand the process for the next day. Attendance is not mandatory but HIGHLY encouraged. Dress is athletic wear and tennis shoes or cheer shoes.

          Try Outs- March 8th

          Three outside judges with no affiliation to CTMS will be scoring the cheerleaders based on a rubric. One administrator and one coach will be present in the try-out for integrity purposes. Cheerleaders will have a "number" and will try out anonymously in groups of 3. Dress is a solid colored shirt and black shorts.

          They will spirit into the middle of the floor and throw a tumbling pass (optional), then once they get to their "spot" they will do three jumps. The next two girls will do the same. Once all three have tumbled and jumped, they will do their cheer. Lastly, the present coach will play the music and they will perform the dance. When they are finished they are free to leave.

          Scoring Process

          The judges will be given a rubric prior to the try out. This is to ensure each cheerleader is judged fairly and will eliminate any chance of bias or opinion. They will also have a uniform score sheet. The categories are Spirit (5 points), Jumps (9 points, 3 per jump), Cheer (10 points), Dance (10 points), and Tumbling (6 points). Attached are copies of the rubric and score sheet.


          Cheerleaders must score 60/120 possible combined points from the 3 judges to make the squad and up to 18 cheerleaders from each grade will make each squad, regardless of how many try out. If more than 18 cheerleaders score over a 60, the top 18 scores will make each squad. The results will be posted on this page by 9pm on March 8th.

          Here are videos of the cheer and the dance:

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        • Football Games

          7th and 8th grade games will both be on Tuesday nights. We will only cheer at games hosted at Chisholm Trail. Times will vary depending on the schedule set by the athletic department. We will share this information with you as soon as we have it. We will cheer from 5-7:30pm. Cheerleaders will perform a dance or cheer at halftime and will have their names announced at each game. 

          Fall Practices

          7th graders will practice on Wednesday mornings from 7-8am.

          8th Graders will practice Tuesday afternoons from 4:30-5:30.

          Pep Rallies

          There will be two fall pep rallies, both will be held on certain Fridays at 3:30pm but dates will not be set until late August. Both squads will participate and parents are encouraged to come and watch!

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          • Moodle

            The cheer moodle page for the squad after tryouts will be updated with a link to the calendar and any info you may need. Videos of our chants are also found here so over the summer the new cheerleaders can learn and practice these for football season.

            Coach's Email Updates

            We will send out an email roughly once per month with any new information or commentary. In the past this has only been sent to the parents, however this year we will be including student email addresses so that the cheerleaders can also keep up with their commitments and responsibilities.

            Remind 101

            Quick updates and reminders will be sent via Remind 101 that parents and cheerleaders can join. 


            I will keep a link to a calendar on our cheer moodle page that girls will enroll in after they make the squad. This will contain ALL activities and will remain updated at all times. PLEASE check this calendar FIRST if you have scheduling questions.

            Email and Phone Contact

            The most efficient method of communicating with coaches is through our work email. We do have classroom phones but can not answer during school hours. We request that your first line of inquiry be to ask your cheerleader. If there is still information you need, please send an email explaining your question and the coach will either reply as soon as available or return with a phone call if requested.

            We do not give out personal phone numbers and will not respond to any inquiries made through this method of contact from either parent or student, per district regulation.

            In recent years, we have had no difficulties with maintaining professionalism between parents and coaches. However, I can not emphasize enough the importance that communication remains respectful and professional. All contact is documented and open for review by administrators. We appreciate your kindness and understanding.

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            • Rachel Small

              I graduated from Vista Ridge High School in Cedar Park, Texas in 2010. I graduated from UNT with my Bachelor's Degree in Special Education (2014) and my Master's Degree in Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (2015).

              While I was in middle school, I cheered for two years. Unfortunately, I was not able to continue through high school or college but I am still a cheerleader at heart!

              This is my fourth year teaching and I look forward to an amazing cheer year! Go Bulldogs!

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