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  • Course & Module Format

    This course has been designed as an easy step-by-step guide for teachers and students. All teachers will enroll in this course. Those required will facilitate student learning through each of the modules. Complete each module to learn about Digital Identity and Responsibility, Privacy and Security, Ethics of Online Behavior, and the Rights and Obligations of Intellectual Property. You will find that each module is split into 5 basic parts:

    We will learn...

    This section is where you will find the ISTE standard and focus of the lesson.


    This section includes both guiding questions for the lesson and a short 'hook'.


    This section includes key vocabulary terms and a short resource introducing the subject or topic of the lesson.


    The Connect section is split into 2 parts: The Act section includes a learning task for students and teachers to complete. (Get ready to share!) The Extension section includes an opportunity to further your learning individually or as a class.


    The final step of each lesson prompts you to share evidence of your learning on Twitter using the hashtag #1toWorldPromise or through email with leaders on your campus. (Teachers: Remember to protect your students' identities by not tweeting identifying pictures without parental consent.)

    The last module is very important. By completing Module 6, you are helping your campus meet their federal funding requirement. Additionally, Module 6 gives teachers and students the chance to take the 1:World Promise! For more information about the 1:World Promise, jump ahead to Module 6 or visit the 1:World website(Teachers: To verify you have completed the course with your students, you must complete the form in Module 6.) To order a #1toWorldPoster for your students to sign and display in your classroom, click here

    Please direct any questions or concerns to your campus technology liaison or instructional technologist. 

    • Module 1: Digital Identity & Reputation

    • Module 2: Rights & Obligations of Intellectual Property

    • Module 3: Ethics of Online Behavior (A)

    • Module 4: Ethics of Online Behavior (B)

    • Module 5: Digital Privacy & Security

    • Module 6: Make the #1toWorldPromise

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