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  • This course has been designed as an easy step-by-step guide for teachers and students. Teachers will enroll in this course and facilitate student learning through each of the modules. You will find that each module is split into 5 basic parts:

    We will learn...

    In this section, you will find the ISTE standard and focus of the lesson, SEL connections, and pre-made digital Resources to help teachers better facilitate each lesson.


    This section includes both guiding questions for the lesson and a brief 'hook'.


    This section includes key vocabulary terms and a short introduction to the subject or topic of the lesson.


    The Connect section is split into 2 parts: Act includes a learning task for students and teachers to complete as part of the lesson, while Challenge includes opportunities to further student learning on their own or in class (time-permitting).


    The final step prompts teachers to share evidence of student learning on Twitter using hashtag #1toWorldPromise or through email with leaders on their campus. (Teachers: Protect student identities by not sharing identifying pictures without parental consent.)

    This section also includes discussion tools and research-based resources for parents and students to use to continue the conversation at home.

    Module 6 is very important. By completing the last module, you are helping your campus meet federal funding requirements. Additionally, Module 6 gives teachers and students the chance to take the 1:World Promise! For more information jump ahead to Module 6 or visit the 1:World website.

    Teachers: To verify you have completed the course, you must complete the form in Module 6. To order a #1toWorldPoster for your students to sign and display in your classroom, click herePlease direct any questions or concerns to your campus technology liaison or instructional technologist

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